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Shop Colorways

Lucky Penny has seen wedding trends come and go {so-long cake pops, hello donut wall}. Every season she evaluates the fashion, foodie and tech industries to anticipate upcoming aisle styles. If she’s learned one thing: consumers’ emotional response to trends is grounded in color.  Lucky for you, she’s done the homework: introducing Colorways.

Colorway embodies a range of color combos, plus a distinctive form and feel.  It’s basically a vibe with an emphasis on color.  


{photo cred: @julies_journey}

Lucky Penny’s got 4 of them for you to shop; each distinct yet flexible, allowing LP’s designers to incorporate the highest quality seasonal blooms, and versatile enough to play nice with virtually any color trend. 

Oh, and the icing on the {metallic+marbled+geode} cake?  You can always customize your Colorway!  Find out how in next week’s blogpost.

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