When to Place Your Lucky Penny Floral Order

lucky penny floral | baltimore wedding and event florist

Recently engaged? Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  We hope The Lucky Penny Floral model is the right match for your planning needs.  

We absolutely believe in a wedding planning experience where recently engaged couples get their time back.  Why? Because there’s more to being engaged than planning a wedding.  Yep, we said it.  

So, what do we offer to help you optimize for more free time while planning your wedding?

Instant quote?  Choose from a curated selection? Customize your order while kicking back on your couch?  If that’s your speed, you can roll with Lucky Penny. 

The fact that you’re here tells us that you’re sensible and savvy when it comes to planning.  You want trendy, seasonal and quality flowers, but you don’t necessarily need the red carpet of planning rolled out for you. And by that we mean; you can determine the number of centerpieces you’ll need b/c you know how many tables you’ve got (and you certainly don’t need to pay us a premium to figure that out for you). Sarcasm aside, you’ve got this!  (And YOU’VE GOT OPTIONS.)

lucky penny floral | baltimore wedding and event florist

Marrying on the fly? Still waiting on Cousin Eddie’s RSVP?  Procrastinator? 

>We conveniently accept orders up to two weeks prior to your event.  

Got a handle on the numbers and want to check it off the list?  

>Awesome! We’ll take your order up to 6 months in advance.  

But what’s the sweet spot? 

>On average our clients book 3 months out.  

Technically speaking, our model serves clients on a first come first serve basis.  We don't take deposits or hold space on our calendar.  When you place an order, consider yourself booked. 

lucky penny floral | baltimore wedding and event florist

Go ahead and fill up your shopping cart at luckypennyfloral.com. INSTANT BIG PICTURE: budget, quantities, logistics like pick-up or delivery, date and time; BAM! you’re pretty much done.  Have some fun shopping the site and don't worry about creating a perfect order, think of it as a rough draft - the goal is to get the ball rolling.  

Not ready to sign off?  I can see your cart from the back end of the website.   Let’s review the order, together!  You’ll automatically receive an email with a link to book a FREE 20 minute Zoom with a member of our team.  

Need to add a pin-on last minute? Lost your marbles and forgot to order your bridal bouquet? (it happens).  No problem, we got you. Just email me at luckypennyfloral@gmail.com. I want you to get what you want.  That’s why we’re in business.

Photo credit: Caitlin Gilbert Photography

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