So how exactly can I customize my online order?

It’s tough letting go, we know...  but at some point in your wedding planning process, you will make the leap from your Pinterest wedding to your Earthly wedding, and Lucky Penny is here to catch you when you fall.  

It’s true, Pinterest has revolutionized the wedding industry, enhancing countless client/ vendor experiences by providing visuals for design when words just won’t do.  But Lucky Penny says, let it be a source of inspiration, not a template.  

You see, Lucky Penny is committed to giving every bride a one-of-a-kind experience.  In fact it’s her promise that no two brides will ever carry the same bouquet.  Even the images provided at luckypennyfloral.com are examples - this  allows Lucky Penny to work with local suppliers to source the freshest, seasonally appropriate blooms; so you can feel good that your flowers are cost effective, earth friendly and most importantly, unique to you!  

Don’t freak out! There’s still plenty of design within your control.  If shopping on your own time and choosing prices that fit your budget aren’t enough, you’ll pick your vessels and ribbons from our curated collections, and rest assured you can make customizations within your Colorway.  Leave your requests in the comments section at checkout. 

Here are Lucky Penny's resounding YES’s when it comes to customization:

~YES please, do tell us your fav flower and greenery varieties.

~YES ma’am, do “add white” to any Colorway, especially for a bridal bouquet!

Colorway No. 4                                Colorway No. 4 customized with white for bridal bouquet


~YES indeed, do request minor color variations (ie: “add blush tones to romanticize the moody vibe of Colorway 3” or, “I'd love to see a touch of blue in Colorway 1 for a classic coastal vibe”)

Colorway No. 1                 Colorway No. 1 customized with a hint of blue


~YES you should, have fun with it! Mix and match Colorways for your maids and men.

Pin-ons in each Colorway!


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