How to Hold Your Bouquet the Lucky Penny Way

You've been preparing for your dream wedding for months, and now the big day has arrived! There are so many emotions on your wedding day: excitement, joy, expectation, and most likely some nerves. But don't forget: We want to see three things in the photos, in this order: Your smile, your attire, and your beautiful flowers (not the stems) in your bouquet. 

Your wedding bouquets are one of the main focal points in your wedding. The bouquets are some of the floral arrangements that get photographed the most, and knowing how to hold them properly is actually a thing. So, Lucky Penny has you covered with a few pointers on how to always have the ideal angle for you and your lovely flowers.


Photo credit: @meghanelizabethphotography

Shorty Get LOW

When you look back at your photos, you want to have your smile, attire, and beautiful flowers highlighted. Many brides nervously clutch their bouquet up by their face on their big day. This is a no Bueno! Hold your bouquet low so the flowers don't overtake in your wedding photos.

Pro Tip: RELAX 

Lucky Penny wants you to breathe in all the amazing love and energy surrounding you today. Hold it, bask in it, now thank the universe, and let it out! Blow a long breath out and relax those shoulders, maybe even roll them around a few times - finally, all that yoga pays off!  

Drop your arms to your sides and elbows slightly bent at your waist. Loosely clasp your hands around your bouquet at the center of your lower abdomen to be hip height. That's right, hip height! Find your belly button and go lower, LOWER, yep, lower. Keep your arms comfortable and relaxed so your elbow isn't sticking out on the side.

Face it Forward

Lucky Penny designs her bouquets with a front! How can you tell? Feel the pretty little pearl pin that holds the delicate silk ribbon wrap in place? That pearl pin should face away from you and be toward the photographer.

It's easy to forget to slant your bouquet toward the camera. It might be a little strange to tilt your flowers out, but it shows off your wedding bouquet to its greatest advantage! Try to tilt the bouquet away from you as you walk down the aisle, whether for the camera or your guests' delight.

Happiness is Hydration

Don't forget to hydrate yourself and the bouquet! Keep it in its water vase when you're not using your bouquet for photos or the ceremony. Our bouquets are packed in water-filled glass vases because that's their happy place. Keep your handy Lucky Penny bouquet box close by so you can kindly return the bouquets to their water source before & after photos, during transportation to the venue, etc.! Your arms will thank you too. 

In addition, extreme temperatures can swiftly kill flowers. Be aware of the temperature. Outdoor photographs are common on wedding days, and for sure, you'll love the natural light, but keep an eye on the weather!


Photo credit: @meghanelizabethphotography

Find these tips helpful? You can also apply these tips to your bridesmaid and their bouquets! One of the things we're committed to is making sure your wedding day is filled with love and worry-less. Avoid being caught by surprise in the stress of your wedding day by choosing Lucky Penny to CLICK.PICK.PARTY on your wedding day!


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